Let Us Pray!!

God we thank you for doing a new thing in us and through us!! We look to you and not our circumstances whether good or bad. We thank you for renewed hearts and minds! We thank you for joy unspeakable! We thank you in advance for answered prayers! We glorify you because you are worthy of all the glory and praise! Lord forgive us of our sins. Forgive us when we have doubted. Forgive us when we have failed to do what you have instructed us to do. Lord increase our faith! Lord we pray for wisdom and clarity! Lord we pray that you continue to cover our families and our marriages! Lord we pray that you continue to comfort those who mourn and heal those who are sick in this season. Lord we pray that you continue to draw those who are lost and those who have gone astray. Lord bring the prodigals home! Draw them O Lord as only you can in Jesus name!! Deliver those who are being held captive against their will. Deliver those who are in bondage to addictions. Be their deliverer O Lord! Help those who are overwhelmed by depression, oppression, anxiety, and fears. Be their peace O Lord! Cover us and our prayers in Jesus name!! The blood of Jesus gives us strength to carry on from day to day!! We thank you in advance for being our keeper and our waymaker!! We praise your holy name now and forever more!!

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